The Kama Shakti Chakra Activation Methodology

Perfection requires practice.

(I wrote this explanation to a new conduit to help her know what is happening while she is being prepared for initiation into the Kama Shakti Tantra paths.) 

As one of the premier tantric practitioners of my time, it’s important for me to continually refine my energetic process. I'll give you an overall perspective on how I approach my conduits on an energetic level. 

(Keep in mind, I use certain terminologies/methodologies that may not fit exactly what is written in ancient texts. This is to keep my process simple in my own mind and easier to explain to conduits.) 

When I engage in a full energetic activation, there are four steps. 

1. Chakra assessment. I use my hands to assess the physical density of the conduit. Physical density is the energy that your body is emitting. This is different than your aura. When a chakra is blocked, the energy can't flow, so it is emitted out of your body. I can feel it without even touching you. 

2. Chakra clearing/unblocking. In order to energetically work on a conduit's chakras, I have to physically work on them. This involves massage with my hands on the parts of the body that correspond with each chakra. The more blocked it is, the more I will work on it. I also use my 3rd eye to get a better idea of the inner workings of the chakras. In a Kundalini Looping session, the first loop is a clearing process. 

3. Chakra activation. After a conduit is energetically open enough, I will actually direct my energy and intention into each chakra. This is the most intuitive and intense part of the session. I mainly use my hands and body-to-body contact to transmute my energy into the conduit. This comes in the form of a heart-to-heart, 3rd eye-to-3rd eye, or root-to-root connection. We may change positions or take breaks if too much energy is directed into one chakra. (Too much energy focused in one chakra causes the energy to flow downward and "pool" in the root. This causes a physical orgasm but is not the intention of my work.) This is why I move around your body when I do an Ala Carte session. 

When I'm simultaneously engaged in those three chakras, it forms a full-circuit connection. This is by far the most intense chakra activation and can cause drastic physical reactions. Excessive sweating, sexual arousal, multiple orgasms, and astral experiences can happen with this level of connectivity. I stopped offering this in my Ala Carte sessions because it was making the conduits become obsessed with me. I now introduce full-circuit work at the Grey Tantra level. 

4. Crown Cap. After the activation process, the conduit is totally open and vulnerable to various things. These include high-level mental manipulation, demonic possession, remote viewing access, past-life regression, hypnosis, and sex magic experiences. For the purposes of my activation sessions, I simply cap the crown chakra at the end to make sure the conduit does not fall victim to any malevolent entities or people with bad intentions.

I personally don't invoke any entities during any of my sessions. 

All energy I access is from the Vortex of Living Energy which is the foundation of my tribal paradigm. 

This energy comes from the conduits who have helped me create this paradigm. 

So far, none of them have complained of any major energetic disruptions in their lives. Our energy is pure goodness and simply becomes an ambient part of each of our journeys. 

Hopefully, this gives you a clear picture of what is going on with you during our sessions.


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